Kiddo Art

Kiddo Art

For young families like mine, kiddo art is all over our lives.  Not only do they love to have their projects displayed, we love to praise them too.  Some of the art is even really good looking, wink wink.  Only problem is how do you keep the art from overtaking your entire house.  We spend a lifetime making our home a place that is inspiring and comforting then we scotch tape art and spelling tests all over our beautiful cabinets, furniture, and walls.  Whenever I get to work with a young family I like to give a design option for corralling their kiddo art.

My home employs several of my techniques.  Yesterday we picked a couple of new pieces from our favorite Bozeman framer, The Frugal Frame Shop.  We call these “Self-portrait” and “Bird”.  My boys and I choose only one or two pieces per year that really strike us and spend the money to frame them.  I have a wall in their bedroom where we add the new framed art each year.  It is so fun to watch it evolve and best thing is, it is all neat and tidy.  The wall is a work of art in and of itself.

I stole a great idea from a friend of mine and have used this in several of my family homes.  Hang wires or strings on a dedicated wall and clothespin art to them.  They sell systems that include the wire and brackets that hold the wire.  I found mine in the drapery section.  Or simply use whatever you have at home in the heavy string category and a couple of nails.  The art will be the focus, especially because it is an organized compilation. 

Another one of my kiddo art design suggestions is magnet anything.  Add sheet metal to a whole wall to gather all the art in one space.  Use fun magnets that you can collect anywhere.  The door to our garage is metal so we have painted it in chalkboard paint and have art all over it.  You can keep revolving art when you use magnets.

Pin board is probably better for older children but another great corral for school art.  Again, using pins means you can trade out art and put new in its place.  Cork comes in rolls that can be adhered to an accent wall in your play room or kid’s bedrooms.  We did it in our old mud room.  You can even frame the cork or sheet metal for an added design element.  If any of you Mom’s, Dad’s, and caregivers have kiddo art display ideas, please share.  I am always looking for a new, funky way to integrate little people art into my family home designs.