The Process


I often find myself telling clients to trust their instincts on what they are drawn to. Then, allow me to make everything come together for them.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” - Nate Berkus

Anybody that knows me knows that I am the consummate homebody.  My favorite times in life are alongside family and close friends, entertaining, organizing, playing and all around nesting at home. In the evening, I find myself walking around the house lighting candles, turning on lamps, adjusting the glow of overhead lights, and fluffing pillows to set the mood.  I have been known to “surprise” my mom with a pantry organization or hang a friend’s art over a glass of wine.

Just as I approach my home, and homes of friends and family, I strive to achieve a status of ultimate comfort and organization for our clients. Many of our clients come to Big Sky searching for inspiration and recreation set amongst the mountains. Their home is the epicenter of that experience. We create inviting spaces for them to call home. A place that comforts and contains amazing memories yet inspires them to get out there and enjoy every single day under the Big Sky.

Every one of our clients goes through a very individualized design process. I take cues directly from each client's personality and comfort level. I am excited to bring my education, experience, and style into every project and I look forward to helping you build your version of comfort and inspiration.